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Why follow The Journey of the Celtic Shaman?

The West Country of England features some of the finest scenery and famous folk-tales imaginable. From the ancient Druids’ Stonehenge to the legend of King Arthur, this magical region will enchant your heart and leave you spellbound forever…
Dancing Spirit Tours comprises Trevor Hinton - a storyteller with a passion for Arthurian adventure and Nina Hirlaender, whose background is in Celtic Shamanism and Western Esoteric Metaphysics. Together, Trevor and Nina promise to take you on an engaging and reflective spiritual journey…

What's so magical about England's West Country?

You’ll be awe-inspired with private access to the centre of Stonehenge to watch the sunrise, you’ll walk the ancient ‘Labyrinth Pilgrimage’ in Rocky Valley and experience King Arthur’s mystical Isle of Avalon where you’ll learn about the myth and folklore of the enchanted Glastonbury Tor.
You’ll experience shamanic healing in the bewitching Savernake Forest before heading to Cornwall to walk on ancient lands, where rugged coastal cliffs meet the ocean at Tintagel Castle, birthplace of King Arthur. You’ll visit St Michael’s Mount, famous for its ley lines and apparitions of Archangel Michael, follow Michael & Mary’s Leylines and discover the hidden Earth Energies of Cornwall before connecting with the spirit world and elementals at St Nectan’s Glen Waterfall.
This spiritual adventure is my idea of heaven. If it sounds like yours too, click the link for more details.

In short:

  • King Arthur’s mystical Isle of Avalon and Glastonbury Abbey and Tor
  • Learn from storyteller Trevor Hinton and Esoteric expert Nina Hirlaender
  • Head to Cornwall's Tintagel Castle, birthplace of King Arthur
  • Follow Ley Lines and connect with the spirit world
  • Engage your spiritual side at many more sacred sites
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager