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'Junkyard Golf Club'? Seriously? What's it all about?

Well, if your idea of a great round of golf is shooting 18 holes (read: hunting for your ball in the bushes for four hours until it starts to rain) at a stuffy members-only golf club, then off you go – the Junkyard Golf Club is not for you.

If downing gummy bear-laced cocktails on a mashed up, UV-lit indoor crazy golf course sounds more your cup of tea (glass of Mojito?), then set your buggy's SatNav for London and the Junkyard Golf Club.

Seriously, this one is crazy golf in every essence of the word. 

What's cool about the Junkyard Golf Club?

You can forget teeing up with a bunch of old farts on Royal Whateveritscalled and instead head to the Junkyard for a round on one of four totally insane indoor courses.

There’s the movie mashup-infused ‘Bruce’ course (Jabba the Putt anyone?), as well as the polluted tropical jungle ‘Pablo’ and scrapyard-inspired ‘Gary’ courses. Or, if you have a friend with coulrophobia, take them to Bozo, which they will absolutely love (…they won’t, because it is full to the brim with sinister clowns and other circus horrors).

Washing it all down with a gallon of cocktails is not only recommended – it’s mandatory (well, it’s not… but it should be). Not ordinary cocktails mind you… from  'Porn in the USA' to 'Fairway to Heaven', they really hit the spot.

Which is more than we can say about your iron play… FORE!

In Short

  • Insane indoor golf club in the heart of London
  • Four 9-hole courses with crazy themes
  • Fun food and wacky cocktails to lubricate your swinging arm
Chris Carra
Chris Carra Author & Events Manager