K2 and Gondogoro La Trek


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Why choose this K2 and Gondogoro La Trek?

“Here comes the science bit” - This trek in Northern Pakistan is challenging so you’ll need to be as fit as a butcher’s dog, or have some mountaineering experience… that said; Mountain Virgins - you can still follow the link for the easier K2 Base Camp & Concordia Trek.

Let’s get back to the point… Just 200 metres shorter than Mount Everest (and surely named after one of Doctor Who’s prototype dogs) K2 is considered one of the world’s great treks with scenery unsurpassed anywhere else on the planet.

What makes trekking K2 so breath-taking?

Like everything, getting to "The Throne Room of the Gods" comes at a cost - first, you must encounter some of the world’s deadliest roads in a troupe of 4x4’s, cross fierce gushing rivers on rickety rope-bridges and pick up the trail on the breath-taking Baltoro Glacier to Concordia. 

After a few days in the snow-capped Karakoram Range exploring K2 and Broad Peak Base Camps, it’s time for the technically challenging trek over the Gondogoro La and descent into the beautiful Hushe valley. The trip, led by mountain expert Ade Summers, takes place in July/August and is now officially GO! Click the link if you want in on the fun.

In short:

  • Follow your bliss and visit " The Throne Room of the Gods"
  • Getting there in 4x4's sounds just as much fun!
  • Trek the second highest mountain in the world
  • Walk over Gondogoro La and descend into the Hushe valley
  • Follow the link for the easier K2 Base Camp & Concordia Trek
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager