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What's Unique About This Kasbah Mountain Refuge?

When was the last time you bathed in mountain spring water perfumed with roses after a long hike? Or feasted on fresh stone baked bread and Moroccan tagine under the stars?

Sitting at the foot of the highest peak in North Africa, Kasbah du Toubkal is a ‘refuge of Berber culture’ that engulfs the senses, a cosy retreat for those wishing to see another side of Morocco. As you sip sweet mint tea on the terrace, no doubt you’ll plan to convert your garage back home into a shisha lounge

A Nat Geo 'Unique Lodges Of The World' Favourite.

Thanks to the vision of two hikers who were drawn to the ruins of the kasbah in 1989, this Moroccan heritage site has been painstakingly restored to its former glory by local artisans using traditional building methods.

It gives explorers and holidaymakers alike an authentic insight into Berber life and continues to provide jobs for those who have lived in the Atlas range their whole life.

If you Mustapha Dance, and I don’t blame you as it’s an experience worth getting excited about, just don’t go Rockin’ this Kasbah; instead, expel your energy on the hiking trails and do your best to keep up with the sprightly goats!

In Short:

  • 14 award-winning rooms with unrivalled views of the Atlas range.
  • Traditional Berber cuisine and spa.
  • Close to Marrakech but a world of its own.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager