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Why Kayaking and Hiking in Corsica?

Corsica - the birthplace of Napoleon, home to the breathtaking GR20 mountain path, megalithic stones and UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola... Our existing lexicon simply cannot do justice to the Isle of Beauty’s awesomeness, so forgive me as I’m just gonna have to make up a few new words!

Ideal for anyone from fourteen up, this nine-day “kay-hiking” adventure is the perfect combo of hiking the mountains of Corsica and paddling the “azure-marine” waters of Scandola in kayaks, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and visiting the magnificent gorges and prehistoric rock structures of Cucuruzzu. 

What other activities might tempt me?

But walking and paddling aren’t all that's on offer - This active trip offers the most superb local cuisine for which the French island is famous. Food is a way of life in Corsica, and you’ll sample delectable wines, cured meats, fresh seafood, fine cheeses, maquis honey, and chestnuts are notable favourites. Singing is another joy and the haunting rhythms of “Corsican Blues,” will send shivers down your spine. 

With all this food, wine, singing and activity, the island’s inhabitants must be among the happiest in the world, meaning we promise you’ll quickly find a deep appreciation of “Corsitude” - that’s the Corsican attitude in case you were wondering!

Join us to explore this forgotten corner of Europe, where still stand and traditional life, language, music and customs are alive and well. Click the link for an amazeOMG’s time!  

In short:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola
  • Trek and kayak among million-year-old megalithic stones
  • Discover amazing Corsican hospitality, culture and food!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager