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Why this Kazakhstan Experience, Steppe to the Silk Road?

Kazakhstan… is nice! It may not have been Sacha Baron Cohen’s intention when he poked fun at Kazakhstan, but tourism increased tenfold meaning now you can travel to Borat’s home country with ease.

The ninth largest country in the world, yet boasting a population less than Florida, Kazakhstan has an abundance of riches to offer you and this trip aims to show some of the hidden highlights of its unexplored interior; from the montane grasslands, and savannahs of The Steppes along the unexpectedly pretty alpine meadows of the ancient Silk Road.

One minute you'll think you're in Mongolia, the next in a Spaghetti Western! You’ll soon discover that Kazakhstan is full of awe-inspiring surprises!

What makes The Silk Road so fantastically unique?

Your ten-day trip begins in style in the cosmopolitan capital of Almaty, before heading off to Altyn-Emel National Park, with spectacular mountain countryside, ‘singing’ dunes, ancient burial mounds and extraordinary rock formations of the Charyn Canyon

At Tamgaly you’ll marvel at prehistoric rock carvings, then take the overnight train to the beautiful Aksu-Dzhabagly. Here you’ll travel through mountains that are home to some of the region’s most impressive wildlife, from bear to lynx to the ever elusive snow leopard.

The town of Turkestan contains the famed mausoleum complex of Khodja Akhmad Yassawi, dating to the 12th century but restored by the Mongol ruler Timur 200 years later. This trip is a great introduction to a mysterious and almost forgotten country – break new ground and discover it with us by clicking on the link.

In short:

  • Follow in the footsteps of ancient Silk Road explorers
  • See the incredible, unspoilt country of Kazakhstan
  • Hear the Singing Dunes and marvel at prehistoric rock carvings
  • Maybe catch sight of bears, lynx and the ever elusive snow leopard
  • See amazing 12th-century mausoleums and step into another world
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager