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Keemala Retreat, Phuket - The Lovechild of Paradise and Pleasure. 

Don’t look at pictures of Keemala Retreat, Phuket in public. Unless you like drooling on yourself that is. Prepare to be astounded and, ahem, please don’t salivate on the tablecloth. Thailand is nature just showing off her sexy side. Seriously. And Keemala Lodge is her uber-top class supermodel wrapped in a verdant green jungle and blissfully blue sky and sea. She defies superlatives.

Let’s just say, it aint too bad! 

How Do You Describe 'Perfection' in Thai? Phuket's Keemala Retreat, of Course.

The only unfortunate thing about staying at this paradise. nestled in the hills overlooking the Andaman Sea, is that you only have 5 senses with which to enjoy it. This is a rainforest wonderland that is styled as an experience beyond enchanting. It is a retreat that practically topples into the realm of fiction. Tucked away in the jungle, your secluded villa has a warm private swimming pool. You’ll be hard pressed to leave the luxury of this cosy, indulgent space. But when you have an incredible array of Thai spa treatments to choose from, you’ll find a way to drift down from your hideaway. For one doesn’t walk at Keemala. When you’re on another level of bliss, you can only float or drift.

If, perhaps, the urge grabs you, the famous Patong and Kamala beaches are not very far away. It will be worth spending at least some time there. If only to be reminded of what awaits you as you return up the hill to your nirvana. And just when you thought you’d embraced every nourishing aspect of the lodge, there are the gastronomic delights to get you drooling once again.

In Short:

  • Immaculate indulgent luxury
  • Holistic living retreat packages
  • Sublime romantic getaway 
  • In one word: PERFECTION
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager