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Why Key West Powerboat Races?

Ah Key West, a paradisiacal slice of southern Florida with a hint of Cuban culture and some of the most picturesque waters in the world, especially if you’re into powerboat races. But what exactly is a powerboat race and how do you get close to the action without reenacting GTA: Vice City?

First up you need access to a state-of-the-art catamaran known as Fury, the official ‘turn boat’ of the 2018 Key West World Championship Power Boat Races. Secondly, you need a base tan because the Key West sun is year-round and you'll be on deck all day, champagne in hand feeling like a millionaire.   

So, while you lap up the glamorous yacht life aboard the extravagantly catered Fury, the powerboat race comes to you because Fury happens to be the halfway marker for said supercharged speedboats clock over 100mph. Life may very well feel like a James Bond movie meets Jay-Z video shoot!

Glam’ with a Double Dash of Adrenaline.

Being on board a powerboat would probably result in severe motion sickness and it’d be impossible to capture envy-inducing photos at 100mph. Witnessing the powerboat races from ashore, even in a luxury hotel, means squinting through binoculars and not feeling the adrenaline. Partying aboard Fury with chilled champagne and front row seats as the powerboats come thundering past under the high noon glare, however, puts you in prime panoramic position not to mention the ideal spot for a true Key West yacht tan!

In Short:

  • Party aboard official turn boat for 2018 Key West World Championship Power Boat Races.
  • Fine dining and a fully stocked bar meets state-of-the-art sailing and adrenaline water-sports.
  • Also the option of a ‘viewing catamaran’ near Sunset Key.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager