Labadi Beach Hotel





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""Good Morning Sir! Welcome to Labadi Beach Hotel...

...Ghana’s premier hotel, resort and business address. How may we be of assistance today?""

Some moments later...

“So let me read that back to you, Sir… You want to sample our famous Ghanaian hospitality with a full English Breakfast and the Financial Times served to you in an antique leather chair in a bookshelf-lined, colonial-style restaurant followed by a Bloody Mary, heavy on the Tabasco...

You require a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, tennis and volleyball courts. You want to revivify your mind, body and soul in a lavish sauna before a relaxing hot stone massage in our spa and you simply must have a medic on call 24/7 because of your bad back.

You’d like to wander aimless as a cloud along Ghana’s most beautiful, white sandy private beach, watch the skies turn to fire as the sun sets over the Atlantic from your wifi-enabled sun lounger amidst our tropical landscaped gardens.

Then you’d like to masticate on a seriously spicy Ghanaian dinner in one of our two restaurants before drinks in our second, ultra-modern chic bar before retiring to your luxury room with a nightcap...

And does Sir require anything that doesn’t come as standard?”

Seriously folks, the stunning Labadi Beach Hotel has to be seen to be believed - click the link for photos, a virtual video tour and details on how to make a reservation.

Let me read that back to you one last time:

  • Perfect Ghanaian hospitality and spicy food
  • Luxury hotel set among tropical landscape gardens
  • Ghana’s most beautiful, white sandy private beach
  • Choice of two restaurants and bars
  • Sounds like heaven to me!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager