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Why Las Fallas on Valencia's Orange Blossom Coast?

For most North Europeans, March is the month when you can start thinking about packing away those gloves and scarves for three months before winter returns with a vengeance! But on the streets of Valencia under the Mediterranean sun, well it’s a whole different kettle of seafood paella…

Every March, the Valencian people welcome in the spring unlike anywhere else in the world! The streets fill with the joy of the Fallas Festival and the Valencian people, known for their warm hearts and fiery disposition burn everything that is bad to begin life anew.

For weeks before, the Spanish city on the Orange Blossom Coast vibrates to the sound of gunpowder explosions. A unique beat for artisans to build rustic Ninot figures (giant human effigies).

What makes this Europe's most enjoyable carnivals?

It’s not all about the burning and mayhem - in the days before Las Fallas, you can enjoy La Ofrenda de Flores (Offering of Flowers if you don’t speak Spanish!) plus a night of fireworks and the Nit del Foc (Night of Fire) not to mention the judging of the effigies - the best are saved from the fire to enter a museum!

When you’re not out enjoying the carnival atmosphere, you can wander the city’s famed streets and sample aperitifs and dish after dish of typical, Valencian Paella and Fideuà. The festivities culminate late at night on the last day when all the sculptures go up in flames. At 10 pm the Cremà of the children’s sculptures begins. Two hours later it is the turn of the large sculptures in what is known as the Cremà, as the last effigy burns and fireworks light the midnight sky.

Does this epic fiery festival of ferocious proportions sound like heaven? If so, click away. Otherwise, it’s back to your trusty scarf and gloves your Gran gave you for Christmas.

In short:

  • Visit Valencia's Orange Blossom Coast
  • Get to know the Valencian people's warm hearts and fiery disposition
  • La Ofrenda de Flores - Offering of Flowers
  • Watch hundreds of effigies burn and fireworks
  • Enjoy Valencia's beautiful streets and eat Valencian Paella and Fideuà.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager