Le Mans 24 Hours 2017

Jun 10, 2018 To Jun 17, 2018


Why Le Mans 24 Hours?

Every year, the finest drivers (and a few rich amateurs!) gather in Northern France for the most famous race since Dick Dastardly’s Wacky Races.

Now in its 86th year, Le Mans once again promises to deliver the best in day and night endurance driving and this is your chance to watch from the sidelines. 

Upon the famous French Tricolour signal, a menagerie of multicoloured Corvettes, Aston Martins, Porsches, 200mph prototypes and hybrid race cars will put the pedal to the metal and navigate their way through Le Mans’ famous hairpin bends.

What makes Le Mans 24 hour race so famous?

With more curves than Kim Kardashian, Le Mans is the most exciting track on the planet and we have a plethora of packages available meaning you can feel the need for speed from the grandstand, tour the pits on a “Pitwalk”, party to concerts and sets from DJ’s plus enjoy the funfair, ferris wheel and roller coasters. Plus there’s the beautiful countryside and charming French chateaux of the Maine Province thrown in for free! 

What other event offers round the clock tickets? And beginning at a smidgen over $50, that works out at just TWO DOLLARS an hour! Plus, did we mention Brad Pitt? Click the link for more info!

In short:

  • The world's most renowned day and night endurance race
  • Your chance to see Corvettes, Aston Martins, Porsches and 200mph prototypes
  • Concerts, DJ sets plus funfair, ferris wheel and roller coasters!
  • Set in the beautiful French countryside near Maine Province chateaux
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager