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Why Learn Maasai Crafts from Local Tribespeople?

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there…” is the opening line of L.P. Hartley’s book The Go-Between and while Nairobi is a dazzling, modern city, travelling to its surrounding game reserves is like stepping through a wormhole to another time and place. And that, sisters, is where you’re going to learn Maasai Crafts from Local Tribespeople.

Known for their diet of milk and blood (which they harvest by puncturing the loose flesh on the cow's neck with an arrow) The Maasai People of Kenya and Tanzania are surely the best cattlemen and craftswomen in the world. And now you can join them and learn their ancient ways.

Guided by your knowledgeable, native Kenyan host, Thelma’s passion for empowering women and cultivating community, you’ll meet for dinner in Nairobi in the evening before the next day you head out to Maasai land to learn the craft of beading and how to cook on a stove Maasai stylee!

What makes this Women’s non-profit experience so fulfilling?

Over dinner in Nairobi, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the issues Kenyan women face, what it takes to run a business as a woman, how the Mama Rock’s food truck business began, and how it continues to thrive.

Up and at ‘em early the next day, you’ll be driven on a shuttle bus passed perfect game reserves to learn authentic Maasai beading from tribeswomen masters of the craft. As part of the beadwork lesson, you will get to interact with local Maasai women who will explain how the bead’s colours signify age, marital status among the tribe.

In the afternoon, Thelma will introduce you to Naisuaku, who will teach you to cook authentic Kenyan meals like Ugali (a corn-based porridge) as well as delicious sukumawiki on a Zawadisha cookstove. And as you tuck into your bush-tucker, you can feel bliss as a life-affirming emotion sweeps through you.

Because, by taking part in this social impact experience, 100% of what you pay for goes to Zawadisha's mission to provide rural women access to renewable energy and water, financial literacy and micro-enterprise training.

In Short:

  • Eat, Learn and be merry with your guide Thelma
  • Meet authentic Maasai tribespeople who live as they did millennia ago
  • Prepare authentic Kenyan dishes and make beads
  • Help this Women’s NGO help the community
  • Learn Maasai Crafts from Local Tribespeople

Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager