Limited Edition Vineyard Hotel & Spa

Oct 1, 2018 To Mar 31, 2019


Why Limited Edition Vineyard Hotel & Spa?

Picture this: a luxury room that stands above a vineyard on stilts, with an open terrace offering views of the countryside all around and the starry skies above. It’s like a futuristic little pod of luxury, complete with air-conditioning, wifi, an outdoor bubble bath…

Hold up. Did we just say outdoor bubble bath? As if you need to read any more!

But since we’re here we might as well tell you the rest. After all, there’s so much to get excited about at this Entre Cielos boutique hotel.

So What Makes The Limited Edition Vineyard Hotel & Spa So Special?

There’s the fact that your cocoon of luxury also comes with complimentary breakfasts and your own Nespresso coffee machine (George Clooney not included). You get a 90 minute spa treatment at the luxury circuit hamam spa, in case your private outdoor jacuzzi wasn’t enough.

And above all, the experience and the location are unique. The vineyard and hotel are set across eight acres in the Mendoza countryside with views of Melbec grapevines stretching away below and the snow-capped Andes in the distance.

A setting like that takes relaxing in the tub with a glass of red to a whole other level. You definitely won’t want to miss it.

In Short

  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Spectacular views
  • Romantic grapevine-covered countryside
  • Bubblebaths, wine, starry nights and relaxation
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager