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Why Litfest?

What does it mean to be a genuine ‘foodie’ in an age of armchair Masterchef critics? 

For the cultured folk at Litfest in charming Ballymaloe, Ireland it’s all about understanding the journey from paddock to plate. Keeping your kitchen local, seasonal and fresh is the core mission of this multifaceted food and literacy festival, aptly themed “Our Responsibility”.  

The novelty of bitesize art-on-a-plate nouvelle cuisine has long worn off and admitting to owning a bottle of Lazy Lemon will get you banned for life: Litfest is for people passionate about good, honest soul food prepared with full respect to Mother Nature. 

With more than three generations of cookery books having emerged from the hearth of iconic Ballymaloe House and Cookery School it’s fair to say the locals are qualified to throw a shindig celebrating the region’s food and wine and food, and wine writing.

A testament to the culinary kudos of Ballymaloe Litfest is the influx of world famous writers, chefs, critics, gardeners, foragers, wine connoisseurs, bloggers, journos and gastro tourists such as your hungry self.

Litfest 2017: Indulgent, Informed, Intellectual.  

Litfest is the only festival of its kind in Ireland and since 2003 it’s grown to become a hugely respected and much anticipated hub for foodies the world over. It’s a gastronomic pilgrimage to the ripe pastureland of Cork!

The emphasis on food literacy is aimed to empower us festival goers to make conscientious choices that carry us all to a greater level of wellbeing while reducing our food industry footprint. Be it natural wines, homemade beauty products, perfecting the ancient art of fermentation or simply supporting your local farmer's market, Litfest is a smorgasbord of important and endlessly interesting discussions, cook-offs, think-tanks, endless tastings and a barn dance to end all barn dances!

Quick Trivia: A bottle of fine organic red is on me if you can spot all the food-related puns in this copy! 

In Short:

  • Food and drinks literacy festival in scenic Ballymaloe, Cork, Ireland. 
  • Taste test yourself silly in the company of the world's most respected pro foodies. 
  • Learn from the experts to nourish yourself, your community and the planet.
  • Tickets individually priced for all events so you can tailor your own festival package.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager