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Why Lollapalooza Berlin?

Important question: how cool are you? Really cool, like, as cool as Rihanna in a walk-in freezer? Or only a little bit cool, slipping dangerously close to room temperature?

Because if you need to get some extra cool into your life here’s a suggestion: Lollapalooza Berlin.

Why? Music festivals are cool. Berlin is cool. It’s not rocket science people! Lollapalooza Berlin is the place to be!

What makes Lollapalooza Berlin special this year?

Um, a killer line-up, naturally! As always Lollapalooza will bring it to Berlin with headliners like Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, The XX and London Grammar.

Will there be other stuff, like open-air art galleries, delicious food trucks (I mean the food is delicious, not the trucks), street theatre performances and markets? Hell yes. You betcha.

So what are you waiting for? Be there or be square!

In Short:

  • A music festival + the city of Berlin. So much cool.
  • Killer line-up including Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons and The XX.
  • A hole bunch of other stuff to do like markets, carnivals, street theatre, art, food and drink.
  • Incredible crowds moshing to awesome live music!
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager