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Why Lollapalooza Chile?

According to the dictionary, “Lollapalooza” is “a person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive” and Lollapalooza Chile has one heck of a lollapalooza of a backdrop for their Lollapalooza of a festival: buzzing Santiago city and the mighty Andean foothills. Lollapalooza indeed. Ok, enough of the Lollapalooza before Google smack me on the wrist!

But seriously, you will be uttering “Lolla, Lollapalooza, Lolla-holy-palooza” as the music takes hold and your priorities are whittled down to dancing in the balmy Santiago sun, convincing yourself that all life-affirming lyrics being sung directly to you and swaying towards a mountain of empanadas as the night heads into the wee hours.

Santiago, Chile In Full Party Mode. 

Perhaps you’ve already visited the original, legendary U.S version of Lollapalooza that’s been partying hard for over 25 years. Perhaps you’ve ticked off the Berlin version and want to compare the Chilean vibes. Perhaps you’ll be travelling to this neck of the woods and can’t say no to a unique and unforgettable festival experience. Perhaps you’ve got kids and want to baptise their festivalhood at Kidpallooza.

Whatever your reason, the eclectic line-up, incredible local eats and perfect weather mean that anything else you plan on doing in April year should be filed under ‘manana’

In Short:

  • The venue has an amusement park, an Olympic swimming pool and multiple museums!
  • A music festival institution with over 25 years in the game.
  • Prides itself on stadium calibre headliners as well as emerging indie acts.
  • In the heart of buzzing and beautiful Santiago, Chile. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager