London Fashion Week Festival




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Why London Fashion Week Festival?

You’re standing in front of a packed wardrobe moaning that you have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? If there’s one thing this dilemma proves it’s that you’re fashion, darling. So fashion you’ll soon be front row at London Fashion Week Festival.

Wait, what, you mean you don’t have to be Dame Anna Wintour to attend? (Slips grey bobbed wig and oversized sunglasses off head and subtly places them in handbag with a look that says tell me more.) That’s right. This time the fashion pack is you.

What’s on at London Fashion Week Festival?

Catwalk shows. Talks. Parties. SHOPPING.

Unlike the main London Fashion Week, which is for industry peeps only, the Festival is all about the stuff you can (and will) buy and wear now. It’s basically a smorgasbord of glamour and gorgeousness.

The words “want” and “NEED” will be your entire vocabulary for four days straight. And can you say Instagram shoe porn?

Choose your ticket package now. Whether you go for a basic or premium package, you’ll be in fashion heaven.

In Short:

  • Experience the glamour of a fashion week - even if you're not in the industry.
  • Go to catwalk shows and live talks.
  • Shop the looks, with over 150 desginers on sale.
  • Endless shoe porn for your Instagram. Nuff said.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager