Lost Prairie Sky Dive, Montana

Apr 1, 2018 To Nov 30, 2018

United States

Why The Lost Prairie Sky Dive, Montana?

Montana. Big Sky Country. With songs, books and movies written about the unending, Montana Skies, it certainly deserves its nickname... 

Lost Prairie Sky Dive, Montana is nestled in a beautiful secluded valley near McGregor Lake, on a private airport located just 34 miles west of Kalispell. Surrounded by gorgeous forests and mountains that are peppered with crystal clear lakes, this is your chance to see it all through the eyes of an eagle. An eagle that shrieks with delight and all the way down...

Skydive Lost Prairie was chosen by ESPN as the finest sporting event in Montana for the TV segment '50 days in 50 states' and we’re not gonna argue with that! 

What Makes Lost Prairie Sky Dive, Montana The Finest Sporting Event?

Here comes the science bit...

Skydive Lost Prairie Montana’s 40 years offering professional skydiving instruction means whether you’re a newbie and want to tandem jump from 13,000 feet to experience almost a full minute of freefall or whether you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll be in safe hands. You can have your skydiving experience filmed by expert staff photographers with a DVD recording and/or 75 still photos to show your friends and family what a brave soldier you are! 

In Short:

  • Experience one full minute of freefall
  • Tandem jumps available for rookies
  • Beautiful Montana scenery on the way down
  • DVD and photos are available too
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