Louis XIV -The Fire King

Jul 6, 2017 To Jul 14, 2017


Dear Louis XIV... 

Thanks for turning Versailles into the most ridiculously lavish Baroque palace ever built. You’d be pleased to know that the world is still admiring the utter opulence of your digs. 
And even though we’re not wearing huge curly wigs anymore, we do still host mean parties in the gardens of your palace Orangerie. This year it’s Louis XIV, the Fire King, a spectacle of fire and flames, cracking fireworks and dreamlike video projections that will have everyone in the audience gasping. 

Louis XIV - The Fire King Will Be Super-Special.

Guests will get to watch mythical stories of Gods and Kings unfold in a pyrotechnics display that would do your 17th century extravagance proud. It will be an evening no-one will forget. 
So once again, thank you. With this kind of spectacle, against this kind of backdrop, we sort of feel like we get to have our cake and eat it too. 
Check the link for show dates in July 2016 and to get your tickets now. 

In Short:

  • An unforgettable spectacle
  • Set within Versailles' lavish Orangerie
  • Fireworks, video projections, fire and flames
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager