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Why A Chile Ice, Wine and Sand Tour?

How can you describe Chile in just a few words? Truth is, you can’t! Chile has it all, from the world’s driest desert in the north to icy glaciers and fjords in the south. It has natural beauty to make you weep and ancient history to blow your mind.

That’s why not just any tour will do. To make the absolute most of it, opt for a customised tour, built just for you by an expert to suit your travel style, pace and interests. 

What Exciting Stuff Can I Do?

You might want to do an exhilarating ice trek across the Perito Moreno Glacier on a Patagonia Highlights tour. Or hop a cruise ship through the glaciers and fjords, a guest in an icy Kingdom reigned over by penguins. 

Or, if warmth and wine are more your style, choose a customised tour through Santiago and across to Argentina, exploring Latin cuisine, beaches and vineyards. Or perhaps you’d like to put your explorer’s boots on and tackle the mysteries of Easter Island and Machu Picchu with their ancient ruins and incredible histories. 

The choice is yours! The one thing that’s non-negotiable is a thirst for adventure. Book now for your uniquely customised, unlike-any-other tour of this South American wonderland.

In Short:

  • Truly experience the breadth of South America's beauty
  • Customised tour suited to your interests and pace
  • Visit incredible ancient sites 
  • Activities like ice trekking, cruises, beach visits and wine tours 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager