Magic Mountain Lodge


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Why Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile?

As you cross a swaying rope bridge to a moss-covered door and a cool spray of mountain spring water erupts from the peak of your lodge, it’s clear that Montaña Mágica is an otherworldly hotel experience. 

Inside, the fantasy continues with quirky suites in raw timber sourced from the local forest. Vines creep across the windows and you get a sense of what life would be like if Tolkien were the local town planner. At the cosy bar, expect to spin a yarn with holidaying Hobbits and eco-warrior Ewoks!

A retreat in harmony with nature.

This project is no mere folly. The Montaña Mágica is a hotel that lives and breathes, quite literally, in sync with Mother Nature.  

Nestled deep in a vast biological reserve in the Chilean Andes, it has come into being from the depths of an eco-architects imagination to educate as well as enchant guests.

It represents a passionate conservation project that National Geographic has proudly recognised as part of their prestigious World Legacy Awards.

In short:

  • Boutique rainforest hotel meets conservation project.  
  • Cosy timber suites are like living in a Tolkien novel!
  • Be part of a greener tourism industry.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager