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Why choose the Saharan Marathon des Sables?

You know that sliding into a hot bath with a glass of red wine after a long, hard, satisfying day at work feeling? It’s heavenly, but let’s be totally honest - there’s still something missing, isn’t there? 

For all our highfalutin ways, Life of Riley understands it’s not all about catering for me, me, me!

The best rewards in life come from challenging ourselves and helping others…

That’s why you’re going to raise tens of thousands of pounds for charity by running five and a half marathons over six days...

What makes this marathon so different?

Well, usually a marathon is 26 miles but the Marathon des Sables is a multi-stage adventure involving one hundred and fifty miles of running, walking and trekking in the slightly above-average temperatures of the Sahara Desert!

You’ll be raising money so Scope can help disabled people attain equal opportunities - all you need to do is raise the required minimum, get yourself bloody fit and turn up! The trip includes return flights to Morocco and transfers, your hotels and race entry…

Now imagine that bath-slide feeling again and multiply it by a million as you look down at your new marathon runner’s physique and finisher’s medal!

Yes, this will be an unforgettable experience and yes, you’ll make lifelong friends en route but more than that -  it will change your life, your body and your outlook forever!

In short:

  • A multi-stage adventure involving 150 miles of running and walking
  • Trek the Sahara Desert
  • Raise money for good causes
  • Winners' medal, lifelong friends and new physique!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager