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Game on for Maxim Super Bowl Party

What’s your idea of the ultimate decadent party? Decadent as in you wake up a multi-millionaire, all your friends are A-list celebrities and they want to kick off the 2018 Super Bowl like it’s the last night on earth.

Granted, we can’t promise a wildly inflated bank account or fantasy Facebook friends but the ultimate party is indeed real and you’re cordially invited as a VIP, of which there are limited numbers. Oh and the sun will rise on Super Bowl the morning after, so don’t get too wild with the luxury sports cars, A-list shoulder rubbing and live Alligators, unless you intend to inspire The Hangover 4!

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”

We couldn’t agree more with Oscar Wilde on this one and it seems Maxim will adhere to the same ethos this February. Their Super Bowl party has been the undisputed heavyweight champion of pre-match excess for the last decade and it shows no sign of becoming moderate.

Fantasy party checklist: you’ve got wall to wall A-list celebs from the world of music, film, sports and fashion, knocking back champagne that the average person has to mortgage their home to buy, with headline performances from Grammy nominated hip-hop artist Travis Scott and the “Anthem King” DJ Khaled and this is just the warm-up for the Super Bowl?? It seems some dreams do come true if you know the right peeps! 

In short:

  • Personal VIP party host.
  • Access-all-areas to the Maxim Super Bowl Party.
  • Expert personal party planning to your preferences.
  • Gastronomic excess.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager