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Who wants Mayweather v McGregor VIP Guest List Tickets?

We’ve had the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thriller in Manilla but get ready for some Bravado in Nevada with Mayweather v McGregor in Las Vegas!

Yes, it’s official - five-weight champion Floyd Mayweather takes on UFC Champ Conor McGregor in the fight the world has been waiting to see. It's finally on like Donkey Kong! Or maybe more like Mayweather versus The Hulk and Thor rolled into one!

While the rest of the world watches on Pay-Per-View, with Life of Riley you can be on the exclusive VIP Guest List meaning you get to say ""I was there at the Fight of the Millennium!"" and witness every duck, punch, jab and combo from the best seats in the house.

You’ll experience the glitz and glamour of this $500 million fight under the famous lights of the MGM Grand Garden Arena with boxers, sportsmen, celebrities and thousands of fans, all expecting the biggest boxing upset in decades. Whoever wins, you’ll be the ultimate winner as you knock yourself out, partying into the night amongst the incredible, unrivalled atmosphere of the craziest city in the world!

What makes Mayweather v McGregor such a unique fight-night?

Well, in the red corner, Mayweather might be the best boxer of his generation, retiring in 2015 after equalling Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record, but in the blue corner, heavily inked mixed martial artist Conor McGregor has never boxed before and is, therefore, a completely unknown quantity. And that’s what makes this contest so damned mouth-watering!

Even as UFC World Champion, the two things that the Mayweather camp knows about McGregor are that Floyd has always, always faced problems fighting southpaws and that when McGregor hits people, they go down. And stay down! Just try not to kick him, Conor or it really will be Game Over like Donkey Kong.

You see, Conor McGregor may be a great martial artist but he’s an unproven boxer! Floyd may have an ego the size of a planet but (balancing that out) the luck of the Irish means Conor has The Universe on his side. Seriously, the Dubliner visualises himself winning then manifests that reality into existence using the law of attraction.

We can hardly wait because these are exactly the kind of moments that Life of Riley was made for! 

In Short:

  • In the red corner, best of his generation Floyd Mayweather
  • In the blue corner, UFC World Champion & man-beast Conor McGregor
  • Travel to Vegas with VIP Guest List Tickets
  • The glitz, glam and lights of the MGM Grand Garden Arena
  • Celebrate the night away on partying on the Las Vegas’ Strip!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager