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Want to experience true terror? Bring on Mckamey Manor Night of Horror!

There are those of us who thrive on watching the goriest, most blood-curdling horror films you can get. And there are those of us who couldn’t sleep for two weeks after watching half of Ghostbusters II.

Not that I’m making any confessions here.

The Mckamey Manor Night of Horror is for you first lot. This event makes The Exorcist look like Mary Poppins. Watching SAW 4 at home alone in the dark? That’ll be what you do to relax after this scream-your-lungs-out-beg-for-mercy-better-bring-a-change-of-underwear terror fest.

It’s like all your favourite horror movies come to life. And you’re the star. But by star we actually mean victim.

What is the Mckamey Manor Night of Horror?

It’s been called the scariest haunted house experience in the whole of the USA. Forget those lame fun-fare rides, this is the nightmare of your dreams!

Because what normal, sane person doesn’t think to themselves, you know how I’d like to spend the next 8 hours? Being attacked by zombies and killer clowns and tied up in a torture chamber by masked men yielding blood-splattered power tools. Maybe being buried alive in a coffin. You know, the usual.

(Actually, I don’t. I’ll just be over here drinking tea and watching Mary Poppins.)

If you want to push your own limits and see how much fear you can take, book in for Mckamey Manor now.

It’ll be a SCREAM. Namely, yours.

In short:

  • The scariest haunted house experience in America
  • Dare to book in for the ""Extreme"" experience for 8+ hours of sheer horror
  • Push your limits, mentally, physically and psychologically 
  • The nightmare experience of your dreams!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager