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Why Meet The Gangsta Gardener?

You’ve heard of the O.G. - The Original Gangsta? Well, Ron Finley isn't just an O.G. he's the O.G.G. The Original Gangsta Gardener. Now you can meet the Gangsta Gardener who’s turning South Central into a garden oasis.

South Los Angeles has a bad rep. As well as its gangs and crime culture, its one of the biggest food deserts in the USA meaning its liquor stores and fast food drive thru’s end more lives than drive-bys.

Enter the Gangsta Gardener, who survived the crime-ridden streets to found The Ron Finley Project, a non-profit organisation that turns Compton and Crenshaw’s vacant lots into garden plots. Now you can improve the area and help the crime rate go down by visiting Ron for a day of bike-riding, urban gardening, and dinner in the ‘hood.

What does a day with the Gangsta Gardener look like, well…

We Know You Gonna Dig This!

In the morning, you’ll meet at the Garden Project’s HQ and hit the streets for a leisurely cruise on electric bikes to see the places that inspired his mission – they're now thriving urban garden plots – as well as some of South Los Angeles’ hidden gems.

After lunch and an Ice-T, you’ll spend the afternoon getting Naughty By Nature in Ron’s Parkway Garden, which Xzibits butterflies, hummingbirds and Ron’s very own bees. You’ll plant sunflowers, learn about compost, sort the weeds from The Roots, and experience firsthand how to transform a city into a true urban oasis so you can help Usher in one big, Dig-able Planet.

After a day getting’ down and dirty with garden hoes, you’ll join chef Stacey Whitney for an early evening, seasonal farm-to-table supper with wine – as well as ingredients sourced from Ron’s garden and a local dairy farm in The CPT.

This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to The Ron Finley Project. If you can’t get Straight Into Compton, still check out Ron’s inspiring TED Talk.

In Short:

  • See how Ron has transformed the ‘hood on electric bikes
  • Learn how to turn your concrete jungle into a garden oasis
  • Eat, drink and be merry with locally-sourced supper
  • Get down and dirty with The Gangsta Gardner!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager