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Why Head To Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2018.

Melbourne is cool. Like, so cool it makes cucumbers bow down in worship. It’s the official world capital of avocado toasts. The coffee is so good no-one ever sleeps. Before they changed its name to Melbourne it literally used to be called Batmania.

And Melbourne locals are all born with a superpower that Batman himself would fist bump them for: They can wear an all-black outfit every day and never look boring. That’s how cool they are.

So obviously their fashion week is pretty special. Are you cool enough to go? (Obviously yes, or you wouldn't be at Life of Riley reading this, right?) 

What Happens At Melbourne Fashion Week?

It goes something like this: the coolest and most internationally-acclaimed Aussie designers show their latest drool-worthy clothes on the runway. You'll be there, in the audience, maybe even front row, cataloguing your growing WANTED list via Instagram stories. 

And then you'll just go and mingle with all the other cool fashion people and sip champagne at an afterparty or two and not sleep at all because you're in Melbourne remember, so coffee. 

And when you're not watching models strut their stuff on the catwalk you can check out all the festival's art exhibitions, installations, talks, seminars, and in-store events. Oh, and go shopping, obviously. 

In short:

  • Australia's largest fashion event 
  • Go to runway shows and see the latest drool-worthy designs from the best Aussie designers 
  • Experience a festival program filled with catwalks, exhibitions, installations, talks, seminars and in-store events
  • Find out why Melbourne is one of the coolest cities in the world
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