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Opera: It's Not Just About Fat Ladies In Horned Helmets. 

You can thank Wagner for the opera cliché of plump women in horned helmets belting out glass-shattering librettos.

But of course not all operas are like that. Wagner’s own Tristan & Isolde brims with melancholic beauty, musical subtlety, and heartrending romance.

Why Opening Night of Tristan & Isolde?

Based on a medieval tale, the opera traces the story of two lovers, Tristan and Isolde, through the ill-fated course of their forbidden yet undying love. Musically the opera was groundbreaking and influential. It caused controversy. It shocked and it moved and it inspired, and it still does so today.

The New York Metropolitan Opera presents a new production of the classic opera, lead by a stellar cast of Wagnerian singers and musicians.

Now, there’s only one thing better than attending a beautifully-produced opera — and that’s attending the opening gala night. Be the first to experience this impeccable performance, and be treated to a post-show gala dinner with the cast.

Book your tickets now to be swept up into the drama and emotion of an evening you won’t forget. They’ll be gone long before the fat lady sings.

In Short:

  • Wagner without the women in horned helmets
  • Groundbreaking and inspiring opera 
  • Stellar cast
  • The chance to attend opening gala night
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager