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Why head to the Miss Colombia Contest 2018?

Colombian babes in bikinis.

I could just leave it at that, but there’s a minimum word count to this thing. And besides, there are other awesome reasons to go as well. Not that any of them beat Colombian babes in bikinis. Let’s just say they’re the icing on the Colombian-babes-in-bikinis-cake.

(Side note: it’s a figurative cake. Just in case your daydreams were getting way too carried away.)

The other reasons? It’s party season in Cartagena, with parades and independence celebrations galore, making it an incredible time to visit. Then there’s the Colombian people with their warm and welcoming hospitality, the glorious beach weather, the city itself, and of course the beauty pageant in all its glory.

Want a whole travel package?

Don’t just slink into Cartagena and hope for the best: go in style and have a full experience during the carnival. We’ve scouted out travel packages that have round trip flights, hotel accommodation, VIP party service, club transfers, private guides, city tours and boat party all included.

Where do the bikinis come in, we hear you ask? Don’t worry, we have it covered: your tickets and table at the Miss Colombia Swimsuit Competition are ready and waiting.

In Short:

  • Colombian babes in bikinis
  • Experience Cartagena during Independence Day celebrations, with parties galore
  • Travel packages include hotel, VIP parties, private guides and tickets to the Miss Colombia Swimsuit Competition
  • Did we mention gorgeous Colombian babes in bikinis??
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