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Why Attend Miss World?

Why would you want to attend the longest running international beauty pageant? Hmmm... More like, why wouldn't you want to attend?  It's Miss World!

Where else can you be in the same space as a shining-haired flock of literally the most beautiful women on this planet? This year more than 100 countries will be competing for the coveted crown of all beauty crowns, so make sure yours has a cheer squad, and you are in it. How awesome it will be to leap to your feet and wave your flag as your nation's best girl shows off her talents, her brains, and of course her ability to rock a smile and a sequin-covered gown.

Miss World also celebrates “Beauty with a Purpose”. Because, you know, none of these girls is just a pretty face. 

What's Happening At This Year's Miss World Contest?

This year the iconic contest will be held in Washington DC, where gushing guests will gaze in admiration as over 100 leggy women with dazzling smiles endure tests of intelligence, empathy, and personality. Who will go home wearing one of the coveted winners' sashes? 

As a guest, you get to be a ringside judge. Good luck to you, because you're in for a tough decision!

And of course - at the end of the pageant, when reigning beauty Vanessa Ponce of Mexico passes her crown onto the 2018 winner, you will be there to witness the moment first hand. A run of the mill occurrence? I think not!

In short:

  • The most beautiful women from over 100 countries together in one place
  • Watch as contestants show off a diverse range of talents in a contest of beauty and brains
  • Support the cause of "Beauty with a Purpose" in which contestants make a difference to needy causes in their countries
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager