Monaco Historic Grand Prix

May 11, 2018 To May 13, 2018


Why The Monaco Historic GP Weekend?

Ah, the good old days - when you could leave your front door open, free range cows lactated liquid gold, when sex was safe and Motor racing was dangerous.
Okay, we can’t promise gold milk but we can whisk you away to stunning Monte Carlo and transport you to a time where real men and their beautiful, classic race cars of yesteryear actually overtake on corners.
Taking place once every two years, The Monaco Historic Grand Prix Weekend gives you the chance to turn your back on the rat race and watch expert drivers pit their wits against the most famous and dangerous racetrack in the world.

Sounds champion! What else might tempt me?

If you want to watch the cavalcade of colour manoeuver the death-defying Fairmont hairpin chicane from the dizzying heights of the Fairmont VIP Suite or casually sup champagne at the lofty Hotel de Paris’ or track-side Garnier Suite, the choice is yours.
Admittedly, you won’t write your way into the record books, but The Monaco Historic Grand Prix Weekend is the quickest route to making friends British Racing Green with envy and guaranteeing you lead the Life of Riley. 

In short:

  • Visit Monte Carlo - the world's most exclusive city for playboys (and girls)
  • Step back in time to a more gentle era!
  • See a host of beautiful classic and vintage race cars 
  • Watch the race from the Fairmont VIP Suite, Hotel de Paris’ or track-side Garnier Suite
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager