Mongol 100 Ultra Marathon





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The Mongol 100 Ultra Marathon is Beyond Cool. Literally.

If you’re not awesome, don’t even consider the Mongol 100 Ultra Marathon. Even the White Walkers might be tempted to stay in their warm bed and give this one a miss! People who concoct weird and wild activities like this are sick puppies. But even more bizarre is the sheer number of hyped up individuals hungry enough for the extreme who rock up and accomplish it! And love every minute of it.

Move over Jon Snow, the race is about to begin.

Winter is Coming. Let's Go Racing.

Sub-zero temperatures in Mongolia. Check. Frozen lake. Check. But it better be a long lake, in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Double check! Excellent, let’s add it to the Bucket List. This ultra marathon is probably one of the most surreal, outrageous and jaw-droppingly incredible races ever conceived. Lake Khovsgol is tucked away in a corner of the world that almost no-one will ever visit, except you and your madcap adventure racing buddies. And packs of wolves.


However, it is also one of less than 20 ancient lakes that are over 2million years old. It contains water so fresh it could almost be considered illegal.

So when the ice appears, why wouldn’t you want to try to get from the northern to the southern point via any means possible? Whether by foot, skate or bike, remember, it is going to be very, very cold! So don’t fall in. The Mongol 100 is a long, long way from the nearest hot bath.

(Not) In Shorts:

  • 100 miles in 8 days
  • Full crew support
  • Lots of hot drinks!
  • Anyone who sings ‘Ice Ice Baby’ has to start all over again
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager