Monte Carlo Summer Festival


Jun - Aug



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Why Monte Carlo Summer Festival?

Would you describe your music taste as “eclectic”? Like, one day you’re bawling your eyes out listening to Andréa Bocelli sing Time To Say Goodbye, and another you’re dancing around in your underwear to Kool and The Gang’s Jungle Boogie?

Because that’s literally what will be happening at Monte Carlo Summer Festival. Well, maybe not the underwear part. Monaco is a classy place after all.

Across the summer, Monte Carlo will host an incredible program of events and concerts, featuring everything from jazz legends to pop stars to rock bands. So whatever your tastes, there’s something perfect for you.

So how about a VIP package?

You’ll want to do Monte Carlo in style, so now’s your chance to nab a VIP package.

What does it include? Be seated at the legendary Salle des Etoiles venue for an intoxicatingly delicious gourmet dinner before being treated to one of the incredible events on the festival calendar.

And remember — the festival runs all the way from June until August, with plenty of amazing shows. So once you’ve wined, dined, and danced away one evening… come back for another!

In Short:

  • A wide range of acts, from jazz legends to big name pop and rock stars.
  • A festival program that spans the whole summer.
  • VIP packages including incredible gourmet dinner.
  • Experience the legendary Salle des Etoiles venue in lush Monte Carlo.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager