Mystic Springs Spiritual Healing Retreat


Apr - Oct



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Why Do You Need A Spiritual Healing Retreat?

Life is busy. You’re disconnected from nature. The closest thing in your life to birds chirping is the daily barrage of Twitter notifications. The only gentle sound of rushing wind you can hear is caused by all those deadlines whooshing by. 

Well, friend... it’s time you escaped the stresses of life and headed to the Rockies. You’re in need of a Spiritual Healing Retreat. 

What Makes This Spiritual Healing Retreat Special?

Amongst the pure glacial streams and magical mountains can be found the Mystic Springs Chalets, where you can be taken on a spiritual journey to bring your soul, mind and body into harmony.

Find your self-courage and bring out your inner Lion on a 5-day retreat filled with yoga, meditation and transformative exercises. Or perhaps the 3-day “Soul Gazing” retreat is the one for you, a program that will leave you with greater awareness of self, wisdom and intuition.

Whichever you choose, you’ll also be given the tools to continue your healing and spiritual growth even as you enter back into your regular environment.

So open your heart and mind and head to the mountains, where deadlines don’t exist and the only tweeting is done by real birds. Your spirit will thank you.

In Short:

  • Escape the stresses of life
  • Magical setting amidst streams and mountains in the Rockies
  • Yoga, meditation, transformative exercises and more
  • Spiritual healing that continues into your everyday life
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager