Namib Desert Dune Dreaming


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Why Namib Desert Dune Dreaming?

Many holidays promise peace and tranquillity, but Namib Desert Dune Dreaming honestly delivers, and the best thing is, this holiday starts now...

We're going to ask you to do something you've prolly never done before... read on, click the link to see the photos then close your eyes and dream up a vision of you and your loved ones amongst Namibia's stunning desert dunes.

You see, by envisaging it, the universe gets to know what you want before providing it...

Imagine waking up in a four-poster bed and feeling your loved one's body and white Egyptian cotton against your skin. Imagine looking across the plains to the rocky outcrop of mountains that will become your favourite panorama. Imagine herds of zebra strutting passed your open bedroom verandah and seeing the colours of the desert gently turn from gold to red under the beautiful Namibian sun.

Blissful, isn't it? Now all you gotta do is turn up in The Private Camp at Wolwedansto and turn this fantasy into reality.

What's the story, morning glory?

The Private Camp is ideal for honeymooners, couples or friends who want to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and calm serenity that only the silence of the desert can bring!

That said, Private Camp offers six beds with three spacious en-suite rooms, a ‘Sala’ where one can laze away siestas, decks and a central lounge, combining a study, living room with leather sofas, a stunning dining area and a fully equipped kitchen all decked in luxurious mahogany. Its open-plan design means the views of the surrounding nature are never interrupted.

As twilight beckons, get wet in the circular dipping pool, drink the best wines and fall asleep in your lover's arms under the multitude of the Milky Way. There's even a telescope so you can count the stars above your idyllic African valley.

This place really is a dream that's got to be seen to be believed, so click the link to see photos of this magical private lodge and start your adventure today.

In short:

  • Truly get away from it all in the silence of the Namib Desert
  • Feel like King and Queen in your own magical African lodge
  • Get back to your roots and watch the ever-changing desert colours
  • Guided activities: scenic drives & flights, hot air ballooning & nature walks
  • Let the universe guide you there!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager