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Why The Nepal Rebuild Earthbag Building Adventure?

You're a tourist in an exotic, far-off land. Do you: A) load up your selfie stick and go do the usual sightseeing rounds? Or B) interact with the culture on a deeper level, do something of true value for both yourself and the places you visit, and create a lasting positive impact on the local communities?

If the idea of option B has you asking ""when do we leave?"" then you need to book yourself into the Nepal Rebuild Earthbag Building Adventure. Pronto. 

What's So Special About The Experience?

Created by the organisation Beyond the Clouds, this experience calls on you to help in Nepal's post-earthquake recovery using earthbag building - an earthquake resilient natural construction method.

Participants are accommodated at a First Steps Himalaya project village and from there get to visit surrounding areas and see the beauty of Nepal, interact with locals, and get an insight into what true Nepali life is like. You will work alongside locals in helping to rebuild their communities; connecting with them and making a real difference to their lives. What a real opportunity to give back to the wider community and enjoy genuine admiration and respect from the people you tell your story to. This in turn, may inspire them to get on board also!

The 17 night tour includes return domestic flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara, all meals and accommodation, English speaking guide and more. If you want a truly unique travel experience that's of tremendous value to both yourself and others, book now: this one is for you. 

In Short

  • Make a true difference
  • Connect with local culture
  • Be more than a tourist
  • Have an unforgettable and fulfilling experience 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager