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Why New Scientist Live?

From the erudite folk at ever-relevant New Scientist magazine comes New Scientist Live; an award-winning, four-day festival of poignant, practical, provocative and politically aware ideas. This all-ages, all-IQs think tank expands the highly esteemed journalism of the science weekly into five immersive zones: Humans, Engineering, Technology, Earth and the Cosmos. New Scientist Live is a place where no question is too obscure; it’s a place where ideas and hypotheses of every strain fill the air like an electrical current.  

So, if you’ve ever found yourself lying awake at night pondering the nature of time or the dark side of the universe, New Scientist Live ought to deliver some closure, before igniting a lifetime of new questions.   

Open Minds Moving Forward.  

New Scientist fuels over 5 million eager minds each week with a mind-bending spectrum of scientific discovery and theory and New Scientist Live has been a way of bringing these minds together, from humble subscribers to pioneering scientists, for a face-to-face where even the small talk is laced with razor-sharp intellect.

This year's speakers include Catherine Heymans, Carlo Rovelli, Anna Remington, Dean Burnett, Tara Shears and Emma Byrne. These brainy boffins will be talking about topics as wide-ranging as the universe, the nature of time, autism, happiness, the Large Hadron Collider and how swearing is good for you! 

In Short:

  • New Scientist Live, a 4-day festival of ideas and scientific theory
  • Five immersive zones make the show ideal for kids too
  • Thrilling range of speakers and topics 
  • Remarkable stimulation for grey matter!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager