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Why spend New Year in Rio?

Oh, New Year's Eve. That one day of the year where you seem to have only two choices: to sit at home binging on Netflix and self-pity while the rest of the world apparently dances gaily under a shower of champagne and fireworks; or to go out to what you imagine will be a shower of champagne and fireworks only to discover you're in a naff club full of drunk people wishing you were at home watching Netflix.

May we offer a solution to the "New Years is always so overrated" conundrum?

It's called Rio. It's where sunshine, caipirinhas, and gorgeous Brazilian people co-exist. And it's waiting for you this New Years. 

What do you get in a Rio New Year package?

Why don't you nab yourself an exclusive New Year package that, first of all, has all your round trips and accommodation covered? Because who can be bothered sorting out that stuff when there's swimwear and party necessities waiting to be packed?

Next, you'll get access to Rio’s hottest clubs, private guides, bottle service, a champagne toast on Copacabana Beach, private transport, and VIP access to a whole bunch of stuff. 

You'll also get a tour around the city of Rio so you can get up close and personal with Christ the Redeemer and other iconic sites. 

But that's all by the by, what you're really interested in is the parties, am I right? Right. So all you need to know is that Brazilians do it best. Days of sunning on beaches (hey, it's Summer in December!) and nights of drinking and dancing. Rio sure knows how to bring the heat!

In Short:

  • Forget overrated parties or staying home to binge on Netflix... this is the New Years you've always dreamed of!
  • Exclusive New Year package that includes round trips and accommodation
  • Priority access to Rio's hottest clubs, private club guides, and a champagne toast on Copacabana Beach
  • Sun on the beaches by day and drinking and dancing by night!
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