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Why Join The New York City Marathon?

Whatever it is that drives your athletic odyssey of the Big Apple, The city that never sleeps awaits you.

As the nerves jangle, the cramps threaten to rise and that rightful wall looms, absorb the rich history New York’s iconic boroughs, from Staten Island to Brooklyn and Queens to the Bronx. Power through to Manhattan's infamous Central Park where the collective energy of every participant and spectator alike will bring New York, New York to fever pitch on a brisk November day.

Humble Origins, Exciting Future.

It’s safe to say things have a come a long way since the marathon’s beginnings in 1970. Back then it was recycled baseball and bowling trophies for the finishers!

Over 48 years it has flourished into a highly prestigious race that reflects the unfathomable talent, determination and multiculturalism present in every corner of this great city.

For some it’s a professional competition, for others, it’s charity driven- a chance to help those who can’t race themselves. For everyone; however, it all comes down to one thing: registering a place at the start line!

Without a ticket to run you’ll just be a lunatic on an endurance sightseeing tour, so click on through!

In Short:

  • Be part of the world-famous New York City Marathon.
  • Join a wealth of people from all walks of life.
  • A celebration of diversity and determination.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager