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Why New York City Pizza Run?

The New York City Pizza Run says “No! We will not fear gluten.” 

The New York City Pizza Run cries “It isn’t a sin to dig deep pan.“ 

The New York City Pizza Run won’t give in to unpronounceable superfoods from distant South American villages; yes I’m looking at you quinoa, fancy Mr. Keen-Waa. 

The New York City Pizza Run will not wait half an hour after dinner before going out to play. 

The New York City Pizza Run- ok, you get the picture: New Yorkers, plus pizza, plus running, equals laughs, barfs and guaranteed indigestion all in the name of doing what the heck you want! 

Cue Endless Fast-Food Puns…

The New York City Pizza Run requires participants to complete a 2-mile circuit while stopping at designated checkpoints to eat slices of hot, cheesy, gloriously gluten-laden pizza. Note: beware of raw food extremists sabotaging the event by dousing runners in cold pressed juice!  

Many people try to strategize how to finish first but the number one rule is that you can’t start your next lap of until the slice of pizza that you're holding is fully in your mouth. So, the secret isn’t so much about how fast you can run but how fast you can chomp down a slice. How’s that for unorthodox pre-race carb loading: order in, smash as many slices as you can, veg out with Netflix and call it training!  

The 7th annual event will kick off in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park on 7th September and invites participants of all ages.

In Short:

  • Grab, chomp, swallow, run: complete a 2-mile circuit with mandatory pizza eating checkpoints along the way.
  • Put your gluten and dairy worries aside and indulge in a typically eccentric New York City Pizza Run.
  • Wash down the pizza, if it’s stayed down that is, with a well-earned post race beer at Common Ground. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager