NFL International Series VIP Package

Oct 14, 2018 To Oct 28, 2018

United Kingdom

Why the NFL International Series VIP Package?

If you’re from any other country, the NFL International Series and American Football can seem like Madagascan wildlife! Isolated from the rest of the world, its come up with its own bizarre and baffling rules. For starters, they use their hands, not their feet and technically it’s not a ball so I’m gonna call it ""Hand Egg"".

But if you’re an NFL fan, there’s no other game like it on earth! The glitz, the glam, the average 11 minutes of game time hidden between 4 hours of commercials... the extravagant touchdown celebrations, the cheerleaders, the confusing court-trial-like rules, The Super Bowl and did we mention the cheerleaders?

So, if you’re a European NFL fan or an American living in Europe, two of London’s finest stadia opening their doors to Hand Egg is like Christmas coming early!

NFL International Series at Wembley Stadium in the fall?

And as if Christmas couldn’t get any better, seven teams make the Atlantic hop across The Pond to play four thrilling games in late September and early October… just as the leaves are turning, kids are blackmailing neighbours trick or treating and Mom is baking a pumpkin pie.

At Wembley Stadium it's Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Warriors at Tottenham while at Wembley its the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers. 

Choose your team and stadium and then pick your VIP Hospitality Package from Sapphire, Diamond or Platinum Hospitality (or private box) for a four-course meal with Champagne, canapés, complimentary bar and a meet and greet with the cheerleaders.

Now, that’s gotta beat a plastic cup of Bud and a hot-dog, right?

In Short:

  • 7 Teams from 6 Divisions
  • Best seats on the 50-yard line at both stadia
  • 4-course meal, Champagne, canapés and comp bar
  • Meet the cheerleaders!
  • See the NFL International Series in Europe, in the fall.
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager