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Why Nitro Circus Live?

Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits and having fun in the process.

Q: What happens when pro adrenaline junkies consume untold quantities of mortality-warping energy drinks in an extreme sports arena?

A: You get the superlative-defying world of Nitro Circus Live; an eruption of hardcore feats of fearlessness including backflipping a wheelchair off the Gingant-a-Ramp and a BMX front flip to Superman combo.

Calling the Nitro Circus Live an ‘action sports’ event is like calling a great white shark “sort of lethal”. The Nitro Circus founders and event am-badass-adors know what it means to commit to a decision because generally their lives depend on it but don't take my word for rocking horse backflips on an actual steel rocking horse; being ringside yourself is the only way to make sense of this insanity.

Go Hardest or Go Home.

In 2003 the very first Nitro Circus edits were being cut in a Utah garage, why? Because the likes of Travis Pastrana and fellow athletes wanted to make a statement about pushing boundaries in their fields.

These early DVDs of Travis et al performing skilful but downright bonkers stunts on a range of unorthodox equipment blew the minds of teenagers and sponsors the world over and ever since Nitro Circus Live has drawn frenzied stadium crowds at sell-out shows on five continents.

All aboard the Crazy Train...

In Short:

  • Nitro Circus Live action sports world tour. 
  • From rally cars and BMX to motocross and wheels barrows. Yes, even wheelbarrows are airborne!  
  • Click through to official Nitro Circus Live homepage for full tour dates. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager