North Island, Seychelles

Apr 1, 2018 To Nov 30, 2018


Why Head To North Island, Seychelles?

When you’re choosing where to go for a luxurious Island retreat, you only need to ask yourself one question: what would Amal and George Clooney do?

The answer is head to the North Island of Seychelles, a barefoot island hideaway that exclusively attracts the rich and glamorous to its private shores. Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymooned here.

What Makes North Island So Special?

There’s a reason why it’s so adored. Make that plural: in fact, we wouldn’t even know how to list them. The pristine white sand beaches? The lush forests? The handcrafted guest villas with discreet bespoke service?

Or the fact that, despite the utter luxuriousness of the place, everything feels completely relaxed and understated?

One of the best things about North Island is that you can holiday here with a conscience. Money spent on this exclusive accommodation goes towards preserving the ecology of the island, keeping mass tourism at bay and potentially saving several endangered species from extinction in the process.

Considering making a booking? Go on — you know exactly what Amal and George Clooney would do.*

In Short:

  • Discreet and private
  • Untouched natural beauty
  • Luxuriousness meets relaxation
  • Hotspot to the stars (don't be surprised if you run into the Clooneys out for their morning beach walk)
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager