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The Ultimate North Pole Expedition

Breaking the ice. 

A nice trick to utilise when you’re on a Tinder date, but a different proposition entirely when you’re on board 50 Years of Victory. Cheeky one-liners and suave manners? Forget it. You’ll need to rely on an entirely different set of skills when you’re headed north on the Arctic Ocean, freezing temperatures biting at your flesh, as the nuclear icebreaker you now call ‘home’ hurtles through hundreds of miles of giant ice rock, leaving millions of frozen splinters in its wake.

This is adventure at its finest.

14 Days Around the Pole

From Helsinki, it's destination: The North Pole - but not via the ho-hum of trains, planes and automobiles. In the land of frozen perfection, it's all helicopters, hot air balloons and of course icebreakers. The icebreaker – 50 Years of Victory – the largest and most powerful of its kind on the planet. 

Share the black blue waters with walrus; play in the playground of polar bears; take in the wonderland that everybody knows of, but few have experienced, as you descend on 90 degrees North.  Despite being surrounded by beauty, nothing will prepare you for the rare pleasure of having stood on The North Pole. Pop the champagne, and celebrate having made it to the edge of Earth. The bubbly will be cold, guaranteed.

The journey though is far from finished. Visit Franz Josef Land by zodiac, take in fascinating daily onboard lectures, explore the spectacular surrounds and spend time in Helsinki, Estonia’s fairy-tale city of Tallinn and wonderful St. Petersberg. 

In Short:

  • Be one of the few to experience the ultimate arctic adventure
  • Travel on a giant icebreaker surrounded by a frozen wonderland
  • Explore numerous countries along your voyage
  • Escape a society where people actually use dating apps
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager