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Stay In An Outdoor Hotel. And Hope It Doesn't Rain.

Null Stern's open-air hotel room looks surreal. It has a floor, a bed, and some lamps, but that's about it. Your only walls are the hulking Swiss Alps, your only ceiling the sky. 

It basically looks like a theatre set has been erected in the middle of a mountain. ""Goodnight, my someone!"" you might theatrically exclaim before climbing under the sheets, directed as much to the open space beyond the foot of the bed as to your other half. If anyone bears witness to your performance it will probably just be your personal butler, waiting in the wings. Or a cow. 

Still, maybe don't put on too much of a show, hmm? You might want to save the more illicit bedroom activities for a room that has walls...

So Why Pay To Sleep Outside?

Because this is a truly unique experience, in a truly breathtaking setting. It's not like someone just plonked a bed outside in the middle of a suburban street. You'll have panoramic views of the incredible Alps. Fresh, clean air and soft green grass. Stars above to twinkle you to sleep, and the gentle rays of first sun to nudge you awake. 

And then you'll get breakfast in bed. Because, the butler. Remember him?

No walls, no roof, no problem. Who needs a five-star hotel when you have an incredible setting like this one? As Null Stern would say, ""the only star is you"".

In Short:

  • Sleep outside under the stars - but in a comfortable bed
  • Be awakened naturally by the first rays of sun and enjoy breakfast in bed
  • Incredible panoramic views of the Swiss Alps on all sides
  • A unique accommodation concept unlike any other
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager