Ocean Safari Mozambique


Nov - Apr



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See Sea Creatures, In The Wild.

As the Seaworld industry comes crashing down, one thing has become increasingly clear: seeing whales in captivity is definitely not cool anymore. Dolphins and whales are intelligent, thoughtful animals that should be seen in their natural habitats such as the crystal clear waters of Mozambique.

Why Do An Ocean Safari In Mozambique?

Mozambique is an island off the coast of Zimbabwe and is home to idyllic beaches and unparalleled natural beauty. While land safaris in Africa are considered the norm, why not take the path less travelled and try an Ocean Safari! On this Ocean Safari curated by the White Pearl Resort, you’ll dive into the Indian Ocean where you’ll enjoy a snorkelling trip to a reef, in search of pods of Bottlenose dolphins.

Live your Little Mermaid fantasies as you swim amongst wild dolphins who pass by you curiously. From July to November, Humpback whales swing by Mozambique during their migration. If in town during this time, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to watch these magnificent animals jump, breach and slap tails in the deep blue sea.

In Short:

  • No cruel captivity - see beautiful sea creatures in their natural habitat. 
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of Mozambique.
  • Experience a different kind of African safari.
  • Swim with dolphins and see majestic whales passing by in the open ocean.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager