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Why Osho Zen Retreat and Spa?

Sitting on the floor for hours with a mind empty of thoughts and an aura of contentment. We could be describing what you look like when you’re in a state of zen… Or we could just be describing your cat. Probably your cat.

Meanwhile you’re trying to get into the headspace but to you “tranquillity” is the name of an air-freshener scent and the only Nirvana available is the kind blasting through your grunge-loving neighbour’s bedroom window.

It’s time for you to skip away to the Osho International Meditation Resort in the mystic surrounds of India.

What Makes Osho Zen Retreat and Spa Special?

Experience a “program-free program” where you have the flexibility to explore the Osho campus for 30 days, partaking in as many meditation sessions and open-air classes as your heart desires. Follow your intuition and what you feel in the present moment to shape your own stay.

Your quiet single occupancy room will have you as contented as your cat. You can also spend time in the beauty of nature, including the stunning 12-acre Osho Teerth park.

After 30 days at Osho you’ll find true tranquility, a state of zen… you might even find yourself!

In Short:

  • Peace and tranquillity away from everyday life
  • Flexible program
  • Access to beautiful nature
  • Find yourself...
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager