Outstanding in the field


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United States of America

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Outstanding in a Field is an outstanding event… in a field…     

If you think that extending your dining table to accommodate the in-laws at Christmas is a hard ask, spare a moment for those who set the table for Outstanding in the Field! 

They certainly are OUTSTANDING in their field.

But enough talk of tables! The true joy of this event is that the insanely long table (damn, mentioned them again…) is full of food, drink and fun. It's Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we ... don't have to wash up!

What more could you ask for than to spend five hours of eating and drinking in the company of good friends, old and new.

Think of it as the table version of Hands Across America!

So what's Outstanding in the Field all about?

The ‘field’ in question is constantly changing and very often not even a field at all. Each event takes place in a picturesque location – usually at a family ranch, farm or beach.

Events are often planned across America and Mexico, from one on the postcard-perfect Key West Pier in Stock Island, Florida, to dinner among unusual fruits and vegetables at Pinnacle Farms, Phoenix.

Thankfully, it’s not a potluck and each location features its own set of guest chefs from the local area, cooking up unique food that means something to them. Each meal is paired with wine, beer and spirits, depending on where it takes place.

For this reason, it’s an adult-only event… which is great because – while we all LOVE other people’s children running around and screaming – it’s nice to have an evening of sophistication with other adults. On a table. In a field.

In Short

  • Take your place at a table full of top-notch food and drink
  • Meet new people as you share one long table
  • Set in beautiful locations across America
  • Did we mention there were tables?
Chris Carra
Chris Carra Author & Events Manager