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Why Create Your Own Perfume?

Anyone can go pluck a bottle of Chanel No. 5 off the shelves — what’s far more impressive is having a signature scent of your own. 

Maybe you want to smell like citrus and pumpkin-pie spices. Or cut grass after the morning rain. Or grown men’s tears with top notes of pizza and a hint of hard liquor. Hey, whatever floats your boat. 

The whole idea is to create something entirely personalised, whatever that may be. And don’t worry if the only “notes” you know about are the kind you sing while doing the dishes: you don’t need to be a fragrance expert to create your own perfume with Molinard. 

Why Make Your Fragrance At Molinard?

Headquartered in Grasse, France, the world capital of perfume, Molinard has been family-run since 1849. With over 160 years of experience, as well as impeccable service and bucketloads of prestige, it’s the place to design a scent. 

Molinard’s expert team will supply all the guidance and knowledge you need in making your personalised perfume a reality. 

The beauty of creating that delicious signature scent is that every time you wear it, it will collect memories and moments and become a time capsule of nostalgia. It will become an olfactory symbol of you. 

But maybe don’t make it too delicious. Then it will just make you hungry. 

Go create your own signature scent now for a unique sensory experience that will linger with you for life.

In Short:

  • Create a signature scent that's entirely your own
  • Expert guidance from the team at Molinard
  • Family-run business with over 160 years of experience
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager