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Do They Really Eat Guinea Pigs In Peru?

I’m not going to lie, when I thought of Peruvian cuisine my thoughts immediately landed on images of guinea pigs. You know, those furry little things that most 8-year olds settle on when they can’t get a dog. True, guinea pig is a part of the Peruvian diet but it is just one corner of a thriving culinary scene that is beginning to capture the attention of the epicurean world.

From the freshest, creative ceviche combinations to creamy chicken and beef; the things that Peru does with food is nothing short of heavenly. It’s no surprise that some of today’s top culinary talent are travelling to Peru for inspiration in their own cooking.

Why This Peruvian Culinary Adventure?

On this Adventure Life 8-day culinary tour of Peru, you’ll discover first hand what makes Peruvian food so damn good. From the bustling markets of Lima to the restaurants of Cusco to rural dishes in Machu Picchu, you’ll savour both the traditional and Novoandina dishes of the local cuisine. On this trip, which perfectly blends epicurean, art and historic passions, you’ll attend a cooking class, meet with a local Urubamba family for dinner, visit the ruins of the Sacred Valley and even dabble in Peruvian art. It is the perfect trip to a destination many people dream of one day visiting--definitely worth gobbling down a guinea pig or two to visit!

In Short:

  • Experience the true breadth of Peruvian cuisine. 
  • 8 days of incredible food, history and sites.
  • Meet a local family for dinner. 
  • Connect with a different culture through food and hospitality. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager